Whiskey & Wealth Club Review


We explore the lucrative whiskey investment company, and analyse the past history of the business and its’ owners to see if investing in premium whiskey barrels is the right choice for your financial portfolio.


What it’s all about

What is Whiskey & Wealth Club? 

Whiskey has fast become one of the most popular alternative investment opportunities, with rare and sought after whiskey topping the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index. 

Whiskey and Wealth Club currently have 150 five star reviews on tripadvisor (90%).

Individuals continue to purchase premium products despite the Covid pandemic. Wholesale cask purchasing has become an attractive option as its value is linked to its age rather than the markets, making it appealing to investors in any economic climate, especially the current climate.

Investing in barrels of whiskey as they age and increase in value in bonded warehouses offers potentially massive rewards with relatively little risk. Unless of course alcohol is outlawed.

Content last updated: August 2021

Whiskey and wealth club review are they a good company?

Investors can purchase casks of whiskey, with a minimum purchase of six casks which will be placed on a pallet for around £14,662.02

The whiskey is then stored in a controlled warehouse owned by HMRC and should be left for around ten years or more in order for the whisky to increase in value.

This quote from WealthAdvisor perfectly sums up their current financial growth:

Alternative investment company, Whiskey & Wealth Club is targeting a 140 per cent revenue increase to EUR24 million in 2020, with headcount is set to rise by 48 per cent in only its third year of operating.

A total of 197.5 pallets were sold between March and May, a 300% increase from the same time period last year.

Whiskey & Wealth Club was recently commended for business excellence at the prestigious UK Business Awards. The company claimed four accolades during the virtual ceremony highlighting its success in only its third year, despite the current challenging economic climate. Whilst other investment channels such as property investment remain stable, whiskey presents a unique, exciting opportunity for even stronger gains.

Here you can see additional Whiskey & Wealth Client Whiskey Reviews – 

A solid investment choice

Current Performance & Projections

The company is seeing ever increasing amounts being invested by private individuals as more and more investors look to hedge their bets against the crashing financial markets.

Many shareholders will be suffering the backlash of this economic downturn and will increasingly look to invest elsewhere.

In 2019, it was joint commended for ‘Best Start-up’ at the Richmond Business Awards and shortlisted for ‘Young Company of the Year’ at the Growing Business Awards.

CEO and co-founder of Whiskey and Wealth Club Scott Sciberras said: “Despite the current uncertainty in global financial markets, cask whisky investment bucks the trend. We’ve seen it go from strength to strength as it grows in favour with investors, which crucially is also supporting distilleries at this testing time.”

ROI Return on investment

Crunching The Numbers. 

With expected returns ranging depending on the length of the investment, W&WC estimate conservative returns at 16.1% p/a or an annualized ROI at 10.11% p/a

This is based on a purchase price of £12,600 per pallet of whisky. A pallet contains 6 casks, therefore a cask price is £2,100. Using today’s exit price for 10 year old non branded single malt Scottish whisky at £33,000. The total ROI is 161.90% over 10 years.

Your investment gain would be £20,400 on top of your initial £12,600, which comes to be 16.1%, though investors tend to use annualized ROI to help compare against shorter term investments.

Given the 10 year hold time and compounding, this equates to an annualized ROI of 10.11% per annum.  W&WC do not sell branded whisky which has the lowest exit price. They sell branded from premium distillers. To give you an exit price is speculative as there is many more exit options for branded whiskey over non branded. As you can see, it’s of little surprise that whisky is currently popular among private investors.


Reliable Returns, Despite Economy Instability

W&WC have seen an increase in investors over the last few months due to market fluctuations. They have also been hearing from distilleries across the board that they are planning price increases of up to 20% in the coming months.

As the markets continue to tumble due to COVID, with dividends being suspended, now is a great time to secure reliable and tangible wealth in other forms of asset-based investments. 


Whiskey and Wealth Club Reviews


Whiskey Investment with confidence

I was looking to invest in whiskey and found the Whiskey & Wealth Club through my search. Their approach to the investment opportunity was very professional with no hard selling, Diarmuid my contact was hugely accommodating with all my requests for information required to help me make up my mind before investing, which I did. I’m sure my investment has been well made.


My positive first experience with Whiskey & Wealth

This was an excellent experience to know about Whiskey &Wealth and get on with my first investment. Lot of credit goes to Diarmuid for his outstanding effort to respond to my query, provide all pertinent info and diligently follow up. Overall, a very positive experience and it looks like one is dealing with a well functioning team at the other end. Keep it up guys!


I found the whiskey and wealth club to be even better than I expected…

I found the whiskey and wealth club very informative and helpful and especially Mo who explained everything so well .
Glad now to be involved with this company.
Started as a client now good friends.
Very good updates and follow up 


What Whiskey Wealth Club Clients Say.

Phillipe Terris Whiskey Wealth Review

Vineyard Owner

“I’ve always loved Irish Whiskey, so when I had the opportunity to look into and do due diligence in researching and checking that it is a reputable company, which it clearly is, I felt like it was a good opportunity to invest in something in Ireland, give back to Ireland.”

Andrew Rooney 


Whiskey Expert

“It’s an emerging industry with around 26 (now 31) working distilleries on the island of Ireland today. We’ll have 40 within five to six years. Within two years we’re not going to have enough product to sell and there’s going to be a serious Irish whiskey drought. If you’re thinking of investing in a cask now, you can sit on it for 6-7 years. You’ll have the perfect opportunity to invest it back into the market as we’ll have a serious drought over that period of time.”

Carol and William Ochse


Business and Racehorse owners

“I most definitely would recommend investing in something like this. I would of never ever thought of it and you’re always looking for somewhere to go with your money that you believe would be a good return or a solid place. After the tour today and the information given, I think we’re thoroughly convinced.”


For those looking into shares – there 

W&WC have seen an increase in investors over the last few months due to market fluctuations. They have also been hearing from distilleries across the board that they are planning price increases of up to 20% in the coming months.

As the markets continue to tumble due to COVID, with dividends being suspended, now is a great time to secure reliable and tangible wealth in other forms of asset-based investments. 

What it’s all about

What the Whiskey & Wealth Club Offers in a nutshell.

The Whiskey & Wealth Club offers wholesale ownership of premium cask Irish whiskey or Scotch whiskey to clients globally. The company partners with reputable whiskey distillers to offer clients an opportunity to own new premium cask whiskey, which can turn good profits in about five years, and if you know anything about whiskies, the older, the better.

A solid investment choice

Their History

The Whiskey and Wealth Club came into existence in 2018. Jay Bradley, a native of Dublin, became a whiskey advocate after discovering that despite Dublin being the epicenter of

global whiskey, high-end restaurants serve more Scottish and American whiskies than they do Irish. Triggered by the desire to promote Irish whiskey, he was joined by his two friends, Scott Sciberras and William Fielding, to form Whiskey & Wealth Club. The three combined have vast experience in the industry and the world of business generally.  

Whiskey and Wealth Club has fostered relationships with top distillers of Irish whiskey and Scotch whiskey to make cask whiskey available to private investors. The price of the casks includes secure storage and competitive insurance for five years. The company also has a

knowledgeable team on whiskey who create a personalized investing experience for every investor. 

The wealth club has offices in London, on 51a George Street, Richmond, TW9 1HJ, and Dublin at 20 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2, Republic of Ireland.

A solid investment choice

What does Whiskey & Wealth Club Offer

It has been difficult for private investors to buy casks of whiskey in the Irish market in the past.

The Whiskey & Wealth Club recognized a gap and created a business model where they sell casks of whiskey at wholesale rates. Previously distillers sold the casks to fans as a way to generate revenue. W&WC offers to connect investors to casks of whiskey from recognizable brands at lower prices than cask clubs.

A quote from a Forbes’ investing in whiskey user guide article succinctly states how investing in whiskey works.

Collectible whiskies are, simply put, those whose value is expected to rise over time, and these are based on two basic factors: rarity and quality.


If you are a whiskey enthusiast or investor, you know age is a crucial determinant of taste and,

intrinsically, the whiskey price. Successful whiskey distilleries since the 90s started releasing limited editions. The mature age and rarity of such editions have seen investors spend insane amounts of money on these whiskey brands at auctions. For example, the Macallan ‘M’ whiskey only had four bottles made, and only two were made available. The two sold at an auction for €323,000. 

In the quest to provide investors with premium whiskey, Whiskey & Wealth Club has partnered with one of the top Scottish distillers, Bunnahabhain Distillery. Some of the best whiskey in the world, as experts would attest, is Islay whisky. Whisky from Islay is typically smoky and peaty single malt whisky. Whiskey & Wealth partnered with Bunnahabhain on the Bunnahabhain Staoisha, a rare and limited whiskey only available on W&W.

In a statement on Whiskey and Wealth Club’s website, co-founder and COO Jay Bradley asserts that some of the Scotch whisky’s potential value is offering investors.


“It is next to impossible to get Islay whisky now, let alone in 5 years or 10 years. I know what the value of this whiskey is going to be like in the future, and I’m excited for our clients to be able to experience that.”


Whiskey and Wealth Club understands the different value points of different whiskey brands since they say not all single malts are created equal. Mass-produced and non-branded whiskey provides the best value when used for blending and bottling by other brands and not through mature resale. Mainstream brands perform well in resale values. Craft and small-batch whiskey refer to spirits done in limited amounts. Such casks create a cult-like following which affects their future value, making them very valuable. 

Given this knowledge in value creation, Whiskey and Wealth Club carefully selects distilleries to partner with to create offers for their investors. The company is bridging a gap where you don’t have to be an ‘insider’ in the exclusive whiskey community to get a stake in the game. Whiskey and Wealth Club brings you relatively affordable investment choices as the spirits are new, provide you with verifiable information and predictions on the future of the investment.

A solid investment choice

Should you put your money into this investment & is it safe in 2021?

The Covid19 pandemic has led to a lot of uncertainty in the investment markets. Investors have suffered significant losses and instability in traditional stocks. As a result, many investors have shifted their focus to alternative investments. Over the years, investing in gold, precious metals, and related assets has been a popular alternative investing path. Today, people can also invest in crypto projects, which has been a popular alternative, particularly for risk-takers. For those

uncertain about alternatives like crypto, whiskey has been a great option. Furthermore, it’s been tried and tested for many years. 

CEO Sciberras hints as to why cask whiskey is a reliable alternative.

WWC’s main business focus offers a tangible asset class that investors can “touch and feel”, as well as being insured by the British and Irish governments whiles it matures in wooden barrels.


Over the last decade, the export of Irish whiskey to the world has grown by 300%. In 2018 the value of Irish exports to the US alone was €1 billion. Granted, the tax wars between the EU and the US have had adverse effects on the whiskey industry; however, the tariffs were suspended in

March 2021, allowing room for all the parties to come up with a long-term agreement that benefits everyone. 

The growth of Irish whiskey exports stems from the fact that there’s less supply of matured spirit

than the demand. The Covid19 virus has affected the operations of many businesses, including whiskey distilleries. This has had adverse effects on many workers, but there’s a silver lining for cask whiskey investors because this means limited production. The shortage of production increases the value of the available casks of whiskey. Investors will be able to sell their casks

in about five years at a higher price, and if they can hold on for more years, the value increases.


Additionally, Whiskey and Wealth Club offers investors both Scotch and Irish whiskey options to diversify their cask whiskey portfolio. Scotch whisky is a known giant in the whiskey industry. According to the Scotch Whisky Association figures, the export value of Scotch whiskey increased from £4.7bn in 2018 to £4.91bn in 2019. These numbers dipped in 2020 due to two main factors. The US is the largest export destination for Scotch whisky, so the tariffs imposed affected the market. The impact of Covid unsurprisingly led to a decrease in sales. However, despite the dip in revenue, the forecast on trends in the whiskey industry predicts growth in the near future. 

The whiskey market is evolving from traditional countries to emerging markets in Africa and Asia. The new audiences have become a target for whiskey brands, including premium brands,

due to consumer behavior, especially among the young workforce. Additionally, alcohol consumption starts at an earlier age increasing the consumer base. Whiskey Wealth Club offers a new spirit at competitive wholesale prices, which allows an investor several exit strategies. In three to five years, an investor can sell the casks of whiskey to distilleries, or to other investors. The company predicts returns ranging from 12% to 20% annually. The casks cost €2,400 – €2,900 each, depending on the specifics of the cask and the spirit. The investor has

ownership of the whiskey and can sell it or bottle it at any time.


Whiskey Wealth Club offers a fully insured asset that’s stored in a secure and government-bonded facility. Storing the casks at such facilities ensures the quality of the spirit as experts regularly check on the whiskey. It is essential to look at potential challenges that an investor could face. For example, a cask could suffer damage due to sealing issues. In the rare event that something like this happens, the distillery replaces the cask of whiskey with another of equal value. 


Another possible risk is a lower resale value when the investor decides to sell. Just like in other

investment options, timing is of the essence in a cask whiskey investment. The increase in value of the cask depends on the maturity and the demand and supply laws. Whiskey & Wealth Club primarily deals with small distilleries with masterclass distillers producing a limited amount of spirit so value appreciation in the future is eminent. The maturity of the whiskey depends on the age, and the investor has control over the decision on when to sell or keep the cask for further maturation.


The Whiskey Wealth Club offers several multiple exit strategies for investors when they wish to offload the whiskey casks. The company facilitates the sale of the casks to existing whiskey brands that may not have their own distillery but want mature whiskey. Some new private investors test the waters by opting to buy relatively aged whiskey such as five-year-old spirits and keep them for resale in the future. Later they get the new spirit and hold on to it for years and sell. The Whiskey & Wealth Club facilitates such services between its investors. There’s also the option to sell in an auction, infact, auctions are perhaps the most known and popular exit strategies for investors. 

Security and regulation is a big concern for any person putting their money into something. Whiskey and Wealth Club contracted the services of a financial crime officer to create a financial crime program that allowed them to secure their HMRC registration through WOWGR. With the regulations in place any investor can rest easy since each barrel has a unique number and specific place. HMRC conduct regular inspections of the warehouses holding the barrels and if for any reason a barrel is not in the specific place that it ought to be, that attracts a hefty upfront fine. Compliance is taken very seriously at the wealth club.

Potential clients can check them out on the whiskey & wealth limited companycheck profile.  It also appears that Jay Bradley or “James Bradley” appears in a lot of high end publications including City Am

and Business Wire.

Whiskey & Wealth Review

What is Whiskey & Wealth Club?

Whiskey and Wealth Club were born in 2018 by three friends, Jay Bradley, Scott Sciberras and William Fielding. With a shared love for whiskey and their extensive experience within the drinks industry, they decided to create their own company based upon a recognised gap in the market where whiskey can be used for investment opportunities.

This now stands at the core of the company as the Whiskey & Wealth Club business model is to connect investors to casks of whiskey from recognised brands at low prices. As said on their website, “Whiskey & Wealth Club is built on a simple idea: to share the enjoyment and potential rewards of wholesale cask Irish whiskey or Scotch whisky ownership with clients around the world.”.

Whiskey & Wealth Review

How much profit can Whiskey & Wealth Club Provide?

As Whiskey and Wealth Club only sell branded whiskey from premium distillers, your investment gain could be up to 16.1% over 10 years which equates to an annualized ROI of 10.11% per annum. This is a pretty substantial return on investment and could provide a future for your pension making it a solid investment choice. 

I found the Whiskey and Wealth Club to be even better than expected thanks to their carefully selected cask whiskeys. The Whiskey & Wealth Club has fostered relationships with top distillers of Irish whiskey and Scotch whiskey to make cask whiskey available to private investors. In fact, I discovered that they have partnered with one of the top Scottish distillers, Bunnahabhain Distillery which produces some of the best whiskey in the world, Islay whisky. This whiskey is a rare and limited whiskey that is only available to invest through the Whiskey & Wealth Club.


Additionally, as the Islay whiskey is not mass-produced and hard to find now, let alone in five or ten years time, it could produce thousands of pounds in the future if sold at auction. As said by the expert Jay Bradley, “It is next to impossible to get Islay whisky now, let alone in 5 years or 10 years. I know what the value of this whiskey is going to be like in the future, and I’m excited for our clients to be able to experience that.”. This asserts that the Scotch whiskey could be a solid investment as it clearly has a large potential value offering for investors.


A solid investment choice

Should I Invest? What sort of returns can I expect?

Irish and Scotch whiskey have been market leaders for many years. The demand for mature single malts and single pot still whiskey is predicted to keep rising. Purchasing a new premium spirit allows you to buy it at an affordable price and sell it later at a much higher price. Obviously, this is not a fast returns investment. However, this is a relatively low-risk investment with possible returns of over 12% per year. Additionally, in Ireland, the use of cask whiskey has now been approved by self-invested personal pension schemes. 


Whiskey & Wealth Club offers an opportunity to invest in whiskey casks from small reputable distillers in Irish and Scotch whiskey at wholesale rates. Partnerships such as these with distilleries of Islay whiskey could prove to be a very profitable investment opportunity for clients. Not to forget that the casks are insured and stored by experts, and when the time is ripe, the investor has several exit strategies. 


The team at W&WC holds the investor’s hand from inquiry to the sale of the cask years later.

Furthermore, the company is compliant with all the required regulations and with the government having a stake in the barrels you know your investment is secure.





ROI Return on investment

What do clients say about Whiskey & Wealth Club?

If you want to know about an establishment, ask the customers. And who better to ask about their experience with W&W than the investors?  

“Making acquaintance with the W&W club was a pleasant experience. The contacts were personal, follow-up was very adequate, and at no point pushy. Information was good and

complete both before and after investing. Additional questions were answered promptly. I look forward to making a distillery tour and visit the W&W offices after the Covid lockdowns.”  –Johan, a reviewer on Trustpilot.


With about 295 reviews from investors on Trustpilot, Whiskey & Wealth Club has a 4.9-star rating. Like Johan, many of the reviewers talk of the investing process as easy,

transparent, and pleasant. Investors didn’t feel like W&WC representatives pushed them to make the investment. Additionally, the team provided prompt and trustworthy answers to their queries both before and after the sale of the whiskey casks.  

With investing, new investors sometimes worry about the viability of the investment, and

reassurances from other investors are helpful. Antonella Barbati, an investor who claims to have made similar whiskey investments before, speaks highly of Whiskey and Wealth Club on the brochure. 


“I have invested in whiskey before. I think it’s a good investment for the future. I think that

it’s very unlikely that the spirit in the barrels is going to go off, not sell or be destroyed. I consider it an 80-90% secure investment.”


The good impression on investors is evidenced by the increase in sales since its inception. By

September 2020, the Whiskey & Wealth Club reported having sold 111.2 palettes of new premium spirit valued at over £1.8 million. That was an increase of about 54% from the August 2020 sales. 

As with any investment – it’s worth running your own checks to better understand the company and the type of investment you are making. 

Whiskey and Wealth club are active on LinkedIn, they are also regularly featured in the press. They have a pool of positive reviews on the Whiskey and Wealth Club Facebook page.